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freehack2015.com is a hacking community, which releases the latest generators, maphacks, hack trainers, bots, and much more. All of our content is created by our community members.

We were established in December 12, 2011 on Evo-Team(http://evo-hacks.net) now freehack2015.com. Our first few releases were related to Warcraft 3.

The hacks we released for Warcraft included our exclusive drophack and maphack. We also released a hack that allowed you to summon an infinite number of summons with the hero, Beast Master. From that point, our site continued to grow rapidly into our community today.

Other releases:

Our goal is to continue to provide quality hack and generator to our community for free. We would also want to be a source for gamming and hack news discussion. Our work is authored by many


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